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Slovinian Coast Slovinian Coast Slovinian Coast Slovinian Coast Slovinian Coast
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Slovinian Coast Slovinian Coast / Twotown Slupsk Ustka

"Twotown Słupsk Ustka" it came into being 13 July 2003 year on power of agreement about co-operation between Słupskiem formally and Ustką. The co-operation in fields of culture foresees and the economy of, tourism, of town-planning as well as building common picture of both cities in endeavour to economic, economic the and touristic development whole region.

Twotown Słupsk Ustka be laid on Slovinian Coast - one of the most beautiful corners of country. The Ustka offers the wide beaches, permeated with the bracing sea water, air the iodine the and row of events sportowo - amusement, and Słupsk possesses the numerous relics as well as the rich cultural offer: the unique musical festivals, galleries of art, the largest on world collection the S.I. Witkiewicz - Witkacy.

Pomeranian Dukes' lock in Słupsk The Swołowo the Pomeranian Village of Cultural Heritage The Ustka the street of Polish Navy

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