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Slovinian Coast Slovinian Coast Slovinian Coast Slovinian Coast Slovinian Coast
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Slovinian Coast Slovinian Coast / Climate

Can the climate of Slovinian Coast to qualify as seaside, because the masses of air of sea origin have on him the decisive influence and oceanic. The influence of lakes on climate is insignificant. It are flies here comparatively cool, and gentle winters. Interesting the arrangement of times of year is. Summer and they last winter after two months only just and the part of year stayed then spring and autumn, from which deciding longer autumn is. It comparatively large falls on whole area were have written down was and high moisture (800 - 900 mm). The large irregularity of size of falls steps out, it is foggy days sporo. The most rainy months then July and August - this very profitable is for plants on dunes and in dry forest parties. Snow keeps till 50 days maximally. It is covers him thin and on dunes perishable. They winds blow away him often to depressions between dune. Winds have special meaning, which blow often and strongly. They the most often blow from side of sea, therefore, going out very often also from hot the depth the the sun of land on top of dunes or we on bank of sea feel the clearly cooler air. In result of 24 hour thermal contrasts between sea and the land breezes blow with land (night) and the sea breezes (day).

Source: Edukator.pl, Bryk.pl, Polska.pl,

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