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Slovinian Coast Slovinian Coast Slovinian Coast Slovinian Coast Slovinian Coast
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Slovinian Coast Slovinian Coast / About portal

Who are?
We are the group of occupants of Slovinian Coast.

From who do we act?
We invite to co-operation all which they act or they want to act on thing our community and common future. Party key has not for us meaning. We leave consideration over past historians.

Who do we thank?
Thank with all, for which own business is more important from common good. Thank with all, for which "obvious historical facts" are essential obstacle in building common future our small Motherland.

For who do we act?
The future of cities of, village, region is cement of our common work and next generations.

Who funds?
Portal functions thanks to social work many persons and reklamowadawcom. All the gathered centres be steered only and exclusively on development of portal.

We calculate at You activity and co-operation.

The Editorial Office of Regional Internet Portal the Slovinian Coast

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